Real Rate of Return

The Government has the overall responsibility for setting and achieving the inflation target. In good economic times the interest rates available to savers will outpace inflation. But we believe that savings accounts paying inflation plus a return must be made available to savers at all times.

The interest you receive on your savings may increases the amount of money in your account, but after inflation are you really any better off than when you first set them aside?

Our real rate of return calculator takes inflation into account to give you an idea of how much or little your savings might be worth in years to come.

Simply enter the amount of your savings, the interest rate you are receiving and an estimate for future inflation. Then decide in how many years time you might want to spend them. Click calculate and the Real Rate of Return calculator will show you how much they might be worth at today’s prices.

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What's Being Said

  • "Save Our Savers will give consumers the chance to fight back for fairer treatment, political recognition and policy support" Tricia Philips, The Daily Mirror

    "At last some support for savers" / "If [Save Our Savers] harnesses only a fraction of savers' righteous fury, I'd say ministers ought to be very afraid." Evening Standard

Savings Stats

  • Gross National Savings as a % of GDP 2010;

    European Union 18.64%

    France 17.81%

    United Sates 12.41%

    UK 12.22%