About Us

The reason for forming and the purpose behind Save Our Savers is best summed up by the Rt Hon the Lord Naseby PC, one of their founder members;

“Savings are so vital to our Society in good times and bad times. They create the engine of future economic growth and provide a safety cushion for families. Yet despite this no British Government in living memory has put savers ahead of borrowers. There is a need of fundamental change of attitude to savers from any future Government and the financial sector; this the challenge and task of SOS.”

Save Our Savers was founded by the following people:

Peter Duckworth
Founder of life science, pharmaceutical and health food businesses, entrepreneur and originator of the idea

Revd Dr John Strain
Parish Priest, Ethics Lecturer and Adviser for Work, Economics and Business to the Diocese of Guildford

The Rt. Hon the Lord Naseby PC.
Life Peer, Economics Degree Cambridge, former Deputy Speaker House of Commons and Member of the Public Accounts Committee.

Andrew Haldenby
Director of Reform, Andrew has conducted research for the campaign on the economics of saving in a personal capacity.

Nick Bosanquet
Economist, Professor of Health Policy at Imperial College and Consultant Director of the Reform think tank. Nick has provided economic advice and has represented Save Our Savers in a personal capacity.

Roger Martin
A senior London partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Coopers & Lybrand) for 22 years-now retired

Harry Macmillan
Retired after 40 years in private industry, mainly in the oil (AMOCO & BP) and gas business.

Amanda Ursell
Well known nutritionist, journalist and television presenter

Simon Ford
Businessman with experiance in financial services and on-line retail. Director of Marketing for SOS Savers Ltd

Jason Riddle
Former Director of IT, accountant and project manager. Director of SOS Savers Ltd

SOS Savers Ltd is registered in England,  company number 6657308. Registered office is at Heath View, Ray Lane, Blindley Heath, Surrey, RH7 6LH

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What's Being Said

  • "Save Our Savers will give consumers the chance to fight back for fairer treatment, political recognition and policy support" Tricia Philips, The Daily Mirror

    "At last some support for savers" / "If [Save Our Savers] harnesses only a fraction of savers' righteous fury, I'd say ministers ought to be very afraid." Evening Standard

Savings Stats

  • Gross National Savings as a % of GDP 2010;

    European Union 18.64%

    France 17.81%

    United Sates 12.41%

    UK 12.22%